Appel & Frank Show

This was my best show yet! There were a lot of people at this show for a Thursday night. I was really surprised. The best part about it was getting to know the other venders. I had a blast! We had this whole underground trading system going. I usually come away with some amazing goods like face products, t-shits, hats, notebooks, jewelry, candles, luggage tags and fantastic friends. I feel an amazing sense of community. Buying from local people is certainly more satisfying than buying from a chain store. In San Francisco I can ride my bike for commuting, shop at farmer’s markets for groceries, barter at fashion/accessories shows for clothes, specifically go to independent cafes instead of Starbucks for coffee and live in my pocket of the world without contributing to the mess were in. I love living here. Anyway, back to the show. 

Here are some of my favorites:
appel and frank 

San Rafael Women’s Spa Night Show

I had a great night last night at the San Rafael Women’s Spa night. Champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, massages, brow treatments, and great comradery with the womanhood of San Rafael. I had a lot of fun selling my wallets, and shit chatting about life. 

Here are some pictures of our night.ladies at my boothwalletsartwork

Obama wallet write up

My Obama wallets were mentioned in an article from Columbus Alive newspaper! Sadly, the writer was a republican but she did give my wallets a nice nod. The article is about creative ways of showing support of your favorite candidate.


He’s gaining momentum and on his way to the white house! Show your support by carrying one of these sassy wallets.obama_b1.jpgobama_d.jpg 

Welcome to Holliday!

Get ready for SHOWS in 2008 – meet Sherry Holliday Hastings – See Holliday wallets.  Appel & Frank March 13  Thread San Francisco – April 13  Capsule – May 2  FeriaUrbana – date TBD  ProArts Gallery – date TBD