Appel & Frank Show

This was my best show yet! There were a lot of people at this show for a Thursday night. I was really surprised. The best part about it was getting to know the other venders. I had a blast! We had this whole underground trading system going. I usually come away with some amazing goods like face products, t-shits, hats, notebooks, jewelry, candles, luggage tags and fantastic friends. I feel an amazing sense of community. Buying from local people is certainly more satisfying than buying from a chain store. In San Francisco I can ride my bike for commuting, shop at farmer’s markets for groceries, barter at fashion/accessories shows for clothes, specifically go to independent cafes instead of Starbucks for coffee and live in my pocket of the world without contributing to the mess were in. I love living here. Anyway, back to the show. 

Here are some of my favorites:
appel and frank