Holliday wallets are 100% handmade in the USA and constructed of strong yet pleasing, tactile canvas. Designed and printed individually by the artist, no more than 10 wallets are cut from a single canvas. To view the current 08 collection or purchase Holliday Wallets online at: 

lady_a.jpg white1_a.jpgwhite6_a.jpgbrown11_a1.jpgwhite4_a.jpgblueobama_a.jpgpink_a.jpgmint_a.jpgbike_front.gifyellow12_a.jpgorange14_a.jpgwhite2_a.jpgwhite7_a.jpgtravel_outside.jpgsilver_a.jpgtravel_a.jpgyellow13_a.jpgimg_3752.jpgchowmein_art.jpgobama.jpgorange-jackpot.jpgsashimi.jpgworkingman.jpg


4 Responses

  1. i love these i wanna buy one ( altho not obama…… just not politically inclined ) lemme please buy one i wanna brag that i bought one from the new hot designer

  2. Sweetie, I love the new wallets!!!!

  3. Oh, these are great!! You artiste, you. I plan to RSS the heck outta ya.

  4. love your wallets…and the pictures of you at the various shows. include more in the future. When are you going to have more of your awsome art work? We want to see others of your works as well..

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