Sherry Holliday Hastings grew up in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by arts and culture. She became well traveled at an early age; by the time she graduated from Oregon State University she had already spent a year in Siena, Italy studying Art History. With a BFA in Graphic Design and Art History, Sherry began working with design firms and advertising agencies from Portland to San Diego. 


Sherry has always experimented with media. During the first several years of her career she moved from conceptual photography using old plastic Holga cameras and Polaroid transfers into flowing tile mosaics. Then, in 2005, citing reasons we won’t get into here, Sherry spent over a year working alone in a one-room studio in Upstate New York. What exactly happened during the cold winter of 2006 we may never know – nor should we care. What’s important is that Sherry emerged with one totally original fine-art product line. Using everything from raw canvas, quilting materials, elastic, spandex, and bead and stone embroidery, Sherry has unleashed her talent on everyday products. 


Ever seen the now famous “Mustachio” handbag?


Today Sherry lives and works in Emeryville California, just outside of San Francisco.


Winter Holliday 

StopGlobalWarming.org I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org


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  1. Hey there – love your stuff. When’s the next show and when are you going to do some retro racing stuff?

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